Q&A: Do the 9 Character Types Work with the Hero’s Journey?

I’ve been getting some really great questions in response to my recent video.

In addition to replying in the comments section of the video, I thought I should answer some of these questions on my blog.

“TemperateWhispers” asks:

Does this approach tie-in well with the mythic structure and its character types as seen in Campbell and also in Vogler?


My system fits well with Campbell and Vogler.

The monomyth, or hero’s journey, is a story structure paradigm.

I’m teaching a character paradigm.

Campbell was a follower of Jung, and used Jung’s archetypes.

The system I teach, the Enneagram, uses Jung’s archetypes with some modifications.

Campbell tends to speak in terms of character functions in a story: hero, villain, ally, trickster, etc.

I’m teaching the nine personality types of the Enneagram system.

A hero could be any of the nine types.

So could a villain, trickster, etc.

So you can use the character types in the hero’s journey, which is what I do in my own writing.